Tribute is a small, Australian township blessed with ancient mountainous rainforest, waterfalls, clean pristine rivers and a filthy secret. Six young lives are brought together by a church orphanage as wards of the state then groomed and sold off at a tender age. Other than the jungle, their only comfort is each other, and Stirrup, a brave blue cattle dog. The only family they have ever known.
Led by Cozy, wild, defiant and found in Tribute’s rainforest as an infant, the youngsters plot the demise of their tormentor. Will the kids finally experience freedom and happiness? Or will tyranny and heartache stubbornly cling to them?
Refreshingly guttural and unashamedly Australian, Tribute’s untamed growl is bold and confronting.

Of course, this deal was brokered with God’s approval. The ‘Big Man’ and a reluctant ‘Guardian of the Church’, Archangel Michael, had created Ten Commandments to be obeyed. Never to be bent or broken by pain of terminating their agreement.  1 Thou shall have no unnatural influence over man, woman or beast.  2 Thou shall not reveal thy true self.  3 Thou shall follow the rule of the land.  4 Thou shall be given a vessel of my choosing.  5 Thou shall feel.  6 Thou shall be free.  7 Thou shall have freedom of choice.  8 Thou shall bleed.  9 Thou shall be permitted onto hallowed ground.  10 Thou shall not summon one thing from hell.

ReleaseD on 5 July 2018

Lucifer on Leave

A deal has been struck.

The twenty-first century has a visitor. He visits earth for one year each century.

On arrival, he is stripped of his power. The devil is one of us, among us.

Living down under.

Lucifer is on leave. And he's here, in Australia.