The Tribute Interview - Episode 1

I have recently recorded my first interview.

Robert Lee Johnston is now an Audio-File.

I was tracked down by Georgie, for a one on one book review after hearing Tribute mentioned on ABC radio. Georgie, a walking, talking [married] half Puerto Rican, Chinese, naturalized Australian fire cracker of a woman convinced my publicist that an audio interview would be a good idea.

What my publicist says or suggests, I do without question. She reckons, if I know whats good for me I bloody well better do what she says.

"Robert, do this........ Robert, don't do that." I hear "Robert, don't do that." a hell of a lot.

I was cack'n me daks before the interview, but she was funny, kind, and Georgie asked me some clever, tricky questions. This is the first of a three part interview with her, each part is 10/12 minutes long. Cheers Georgie for helping me launch Tribute and see you next week for the second part of our chat.