The Tribute Glossary = What shit means

An essential resource for the non-Australian reader. My editor, Philip Newey (an Aussie Pom) had so much trouble understanding my manuscript that I decided to add a glossary to Tribute. Here's a snapshot.

Ambo = ambulance bearer = paramedic

Arsey = lucky

Barra = barramundi, legendary chromed fish.

Bead = to see or aim

Beak = a judge

Bikes = biker gangs

Blast = a shot = an injection

Bon and Malcolm = rock and roll royalty = look them up

Boo = weed = junga = gunga = cannibis = pot = smoke = smoko = herb

Brace and bits = Got the shits

Bucket bongs = bunger = joint = billy = bong = cone = paraphenalia = I'm sure you're catching on

Buckley's = you got fuck all chance. Eg, ya got fuck'n buckleys of living jumping off that ten storey building

Bullocky = bullock team driver

Bully man = see police

Bungee = mate

Busting his ring = work'n hard

Cack'n ya dacks = pack'n ya dacks = shat or shitting yourself (see also skidmarks)

Captain Cook = to have a look

Cheesy flick = shithouse movie

Chico roll = Aussie pastry

Chuck a whitie = freaking out = passing out

Coeys = co-accused = five-eighth

Come a gutser = to fall

Cricket = a ball game that requires a shitload of alcohol to play and watch properly

Dice'n me? = you avoiding me?

Divied up = divided up

Dog it = yellow = to be a coward, low down maggot

Double dutch = two ropes skipping

Dreamtime = look into it

Duke(s) = Fist(s)

Durry = dart = cigarette

Elbow = pound

Esky's = ice box = cooler

Fair whack = see lagin

Fart arse’n = fuck'n round

Federallies = police = bully man = oink = pigs = fucking cops

Fits = needles = picks

Frangers = condoms

Game of sticks = pool = eight ball

Gammon = to be useless, for something to be shit, even being too proud of yourself. You can also be gammon if you're an arsey bugger.

Gander = to look = squizz = clock

To discover more Aussie slang, you'll just have to buy the book!