Robert Lee Johnston
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Refreshingly guttural and
unashamedly Australian.


Robert Lee Johnston is an Australian author based in Far North Queensland.

Robert enjoys writing challenging, villainous characters and subjects. He loves the Australian humour, in good or poor taste, that is born from those places of darkness. It is his belief that the deeper, more painful the situation, the funnier and better Aussies become.

Australia is a nation of fair fighters, with a proud sense of humour and humility. That combination is unique and rare and continues to inspire and supply him with many characters, brawlers, squealers, pelicans, cowards, galahs, absolute bloody champions and the down-trodden to choose from.

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the debut novel

Tribute is a small, Australian township blessed with ancient mountainous rainforest, waterfalls, clean pristine rivers and a filthy secret. Six young lives are brought together by a church orphanage as wards of the state then groomed and sold off at a tender age. Other than the jungle, their only comfort is each other, and Stirrup, a brave blue cattle dog. The only family they have ever known.

Tribute Reviewed by Trevor Chappell of ABC Radio Australia

"It was a cracking story... It takes a look at the lives of children who’ve been institutionalized and then takes a look at how  their lives have been affected over the years and how their lives changed and It was a terrific story in that way from the age of 6, 7, through to their teenage years, through to their early twenties, and it became fascinating and how their lives have evolved and changed and I loved the book from then on."

Trevor Chappell

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Lucifer on Leave

The antidote after Tribute

A deal has been struck.

The twenty-first century has a visitor. He visits earth for one year each century.

On arrival, he is stripped of his power. The devil is one of us, among us.

Living down under.

Lucifer is on leave. And he's here, in Australia.

And by the way, everything in life is writable about if you have the outgoing guts to do it, and the imagination to improvise. The worst enemy to creativity is self-doubt.
— Sylvia Plath